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The Vortex

The Real War on Women

by Jim Fritz

Defending the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
by Stephanie Block

CCHD Section

Comparison of Auschwitz to the Abortion Holocaust

by Jim Fritz

Saints for the Month

St. Isidore April 4
St. Isidore, who succeeded his brother St. Leander as Archbishop of Seville, was one of the great bishops of the seventh century. He was proficient in all brances of knowledge and was regarded as one of the most learned men of his time; with Cassiodorus and Boethius he was one of the thinkers whose writings were most studied in the Middle Ages, St. Isidore died in 636. Pope Innocent XIII canonized him in 1722 and proclaimed him a Doctor of the Church.. . . . . . More

St. Catherine of Siena
April 29

Catherine, the youngest of twenty-five children, was born in Siena on March 25, 1347. During her youth she had to contend with great difficulties on the part of her parents. They were planning marriage for their favorite daughter; but Catherine, who at the age of seven had already taken a vow of virginity, refused. . . . . More

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