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The Vortex

by Susan Matthiesen

Human Demotion, Supernatural Promotion
By Alice von Hildebrand

CCHD Section

“Just Say No!” to the CCHD Collection

The Pope's Unforced Error

by Father Benedict Kiely

Saints for the Month

St. Agnes - January 21
Agnes is one of the most glorious saints in the calendar of the Roman Church. The greatest Church Fathers vie with one another in sounding her praise and glory. St. Jerome writes: "All nations, especially their Christian communities, praise in word and writing the life of St. Agnes. She triumphed over her tender age as well as over the merciless tyrant. To the crown of spotless innocence she added the glory of martyrdom.". . . . . More

St. Blaise - February 3
St. Blaise enjoyed widespread veneration in the Eastern and Western Churches due to many cures attributed to him. According to tradition, he was Bishop of Sebaste in Armenia and was martyred under Licinius. On this day the Church gives a "Blessing of the Throats" in honor of St. Blaise. . . . . More

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