American Unconstitutionalism in the Constitutional Government

Rush Limbaugh is Mistaken about our 242 year history of Constitutional Rule-of-Law. Close, but no cigar. All three branches have violated the Constitution and their oaths of office with impunity, and they just keep doing it. American Unconstitutionalism now rules us.

Rush, as you know, or as you should know, is rarely wrong about anything. He is one of the few talk-show hosts or political commentators who makes predictions, and his predictions always turn out to be prescient. His predictions always turn out to be right on the money. 

But just the other day he revealed a partially mistaken conception of how and why the American Constitutional Republic has survived for so long and been so successful as the world's preeminent economic world power. 

He's right in identifying the reason as "Rule Of Law" and not rule of man, in accordance with the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. That's what makes America different from every other nation. 

But he's wrong in holding that the American Constitutional Government actually governs in strict accordance with the Constitution. They do not

As time goes on, they govern less and less in accordance with the supreme law of the land. They violate the Constitution and they violate their own oaths of office today so regularly that nobody even notices any more. The President and Vice President, all members of both Houses of Congress, all Supreme Court Justices, all Cabinet-level department heads, all heads of major agencies and even all members of the military swear an oath of allegiance to the Constitution before taking office. 

They solemnly swear, saying "So help me God", to uphold the Constitution in the performance of the offices and duties they are about to assume. 

For every one who is so sworn, violation of the Constitution in the performance of their official duties is an impeachable offense, at the very least. Did you ever hear of anyone being impeached for violating their oath of office? That's funny, neither have I. 

The Constitution, rather brilliantly, lays out the complete Description and Organization of all three coequal branches of the Federal Government, provides their Complete Operating Instructions, establishes their Limited and Enumerated Powers, and describes the Citizen Rights that are not to be infringed, by the government, or by anyone else. And it describes itself as the Supreme Law of the Land

Rush is right in describing it that way. It is "rule of law". Every other nation on earth, be it Communist-Socialist, Fascist, Democracy, Monarchy, Parliamentary, Dictatorship, or whatever, is, at it's essence, under the "rule of man". Men, or a man, make the laws, enforce the laws and adjudicate the laws, in accordance with the thoughts-of-the-moment of a man, or of many men. Government direction is thus infinitely changeable over time. Some nations are more stable than others, abut all are subject to change. 

Not so, ideally, in Constitutional America. The law is fixed and known. 

The whole American Constitution is designed around the four God-given, Natural Law human rights to Equality, Life, Liberty and Property first laid out in the Declaration of Independence.  All other Constitutional rights of American citizens flow from those four Constitutional rights. 

Where Rush is mistaken is in holding that the Constitution has been and is being adhered to by all of the government officials who are solemnly sworn to uphold it. Predominantly, they do not. Their first allegiance is to their Political Party, not to the Constitution, and they just keep proving it. 

Political Parties are nowhere mentioned in the Constitution. They are extra-constitutional entities. They, and not the Constitution, are now governing America. This is what I call American Unconstitutionalism.

American Unconstitutionalism is, essentially,

Government by Competing Political Party Agenda. 

That is how we select all of our candidates for high office,that is how we elect them, and that is how they then Legislate and Execute Law. That is how we nominate Justices of the Supreme Court, and that is how they then Adjudicate Law. 

Not in accordance with the Constitution, but in strict accordance with Political Party Agenda. 

This is American Unconstitutionalism. This is return to Rule By Man

It sounds the death knell of America's unique principle of Rule Of Law

The problem with all of that is that Parties of men, like individual men, may be infected with erroneous or evil intentions. And that has happened to all of our Political Parties, none of which strictly adhere to the Constitution or grant it is supremacy over its own agenda.

We herein consistently refer to our two major Parties as the Marxocrat Party and the Republicrat Party with good reason. The Marxocrats consistently oppose the Constitution in favor of Political Agendas favoring Marxist-Socialist ideologies, and the Republicrats don't seem to see anything particularly un-American about that. When Marxocrats sponsor new "Social Justice" splinter-groups with an animus toward America, most Republicrats go along with that or very weakly oppose it. 

Forget, for the moment, the Marxocrat Party and Marxocrat Media supported anti-American groups, from ACORN to Antifa to Black Lives Matter, and just consider the unconstitutional and unrepresentative federal "laws" we are being subjected to today. 

Note that all of them, in some way, do damage to the original Constitutional intent regarding the Natural Law Civil Rights to true Equality, to Life, to Liberty and to Property

Health Care Rights


Homo Rights

Education Control

Climate Control

Hispanic Rights

The Right Not To Be Offended

Offensive Speech Rights

Health Insurance Rights

Transgender Rights

Illegal Alien Rights

Food Control

Gun Control

Opposite sex bathroom rights

"Reproductive" Rights

Monument Destruction Rights

Abortion Rights

Female Rights

Black Rights

Environment Control

Medicine Control

Welfare Rights

Separation of Church and State

Monuments to Satan Rights

There are more. 

See the Cut The Spending Pages, and the Fixing America Pages

Do you see any of those things anywhere in the Constitution, or anywhere listed among the Limited and Enumerated Powers of Government in Article One Section Eight of the Constitution? 

That's funny, neither do I. 

That means, short of a Constitutional Amendment, the federal government cannot even address any of them, whether in Legislation, Regulation, Execution or Adjudication of Law. 

But they have. 

Every one of those items is either a direct violation of some part of the Constitution, or so out-of-scope as to be prohibited without first amending the Constitution. 

That means they're all unconstitutional and illegal, and every Representative, Senator, President, Supreme Court Justice, Department-Head or Top-Bureaucrat who established them in law, enforced them in law or favorably adjudicated them in law, violated the Constitution to do it. A crime. And violated their sworn Oath Of Office. 

An impeachable offense. 

Think about that. Just with Obamacare alone, a majority in Congress, a President, and a majority on the Supreme Court, all, directly violated the Constitution and their Oaths of Office to bring it into being and to let it stand. 

They all did the opposite of what their very offices are intended to do. 

In The Way, The Truth and The Life, we talked about the history of man going from the original Rule of Law to Rule of Man, and on into Man Ruling Religion, and then to America, and the attempt to return to Rule Of Law. 

Israel, or the People of God, were ruled by the Law. Judges were anointed to keep the Law Pure, and keep the People within the law. But the people clamored for a King, like other nations. 

Respecting the free will He had given them, God relented and gave them Kings. Rule of Man

Over the centuries, that went to Hell in a hand-cart. Christianity changed things for the better with Civil Law that was based upon the recognized Law Of God. Western Civilization. When Kings and Nobles were right with God, all was well; when they were not, there were problems. 

With Luther's Revolt and the resulting Reformation Wars all across Europe, came the establishment of Luther's dictum Cujus region, ejus rligio (Whoever’s reign, his religion.) In this radical combination of Church and State, Man dictated Religion to the Citizenry. 

The Pilgrims came to American specifically to escape that combination. And America was Constituted specifically to reverse the situation, hopefully putting God's Law back in the driver's seat. 

This nation would not dictate religion; quite the opposite. The Constitution itself established freedom of religion, in a Christian nation of diverse "denomination". 

Rhode Island
North Carolina
New Hampshire
South Carolina

West Indies
New York
New Jersey

Roman Catholic
Church of England
Church of England
Church of England
Church of England
Catholic (Spanish era) Church of England (British era)

Church of England
Church of England
Undifferentiated Christian
Undifferentiated Protestant

Well, that was all undone by the unconstitutional Court establishment of Separation of Church and State, and the American citizenry have been becoming more and more Secularized, by Political Party action, ever since. 

And the American Government is ruled more and more by the Political Parties, who pay less and less attention to the Constitution as time goes by. 

So Rush is wrong on this point. We are being ruled more and more by Rule Of Man, and less and less by Rule Of Law. 

President Trump is turning the ship of state around. All that he is doing is good. He has accomplished much in a short time, in spite of the Political Parties. 

He needs our prayers and our support. 

Pray that he may come to see the ultimate Truth beneath it all. 

"With fear and trembling, work out your salvation" --Phil 2:12

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