The Obamunist Clintonista Marxocratic Shadow Government

by Vic Biorseth

The Shadow Government sees itself as, well, The Government. That's why they're so bold. They think themselves immune from prosecution, because, after all, they're running the whole shebang.

What needs to be recognized here is how deeply anti-American Marxist ideology has permeated all of American society, including the whole of the American government. 

America, as we have shown, and as Declared and Constituted, is a nation of a Christian citizenry holding Natural Law Rights that are protected by the government, from the government itself. The Constitutional Republic is designed around those God-given civil rights, and the Constitution itself - not any man or any men - is the supreme law of the land, and all men are equally subject to it and protected by it. 

That requires a "Good" citizenry, and thus a "Good" representative government, sworn to uphold the Constitution in the performance of its duties. 

But the enemy of Good is Evil. 

And the two main tools of Evil in the world today are Marxism and Islam

Evil Marxist ideology grows in America through the sneaky, underhanded infection of Cultural Marxism  [1]. 

Evil Islamic ideology grows in America through the sneaky, underhanded infection of Civil Jihad  [2 ]. 

And here we are, in the immediate aftermath of President Trump releasing the Nunes Memo  [3 ], and, you would think, the jig is up. You would expect to see all the rats running, abandoning the sinking ship. You might expect Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, to be seeking shelter in Iran, or the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area, or deepest Africa, or someplace way out-of-reach. You might expect Madame Hillary to be looking for some Communist-Socialist shelter somewhere. 

But no; nobody's going anywhere. In fact, James Comey, at the center of the whole scandalous mess, boldly stands there and says, paraphrasing, "Is that all you've got?" 

They're not going anywhere. They're not afraid. 

Why not? 

Because of their confidence in the fact that the American Left is in charge of the whole situation, no matter how bad it looks, even with the Truth coming out. The Truth can still be covered-up. 

Because the Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic Department of Justice, FBI, CIA and NSA are not the only government institutions involved here. 

  • Bucuz ya gotcher Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic majority sitting on the Supreme Court. 
  • Andja gotcher Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic justices and judges throughout the whole American court system, down to the local level. 
  • Andja gotcher Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic Marxocrat Party. 
  • Andja gotcher Republicrat Party Bipartisan Cooperators with the Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic Marxocrat Party.
  • Andja gotcher Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic members of the House of Representatives. 
  • Andja gotcher Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic members of the Senate.
  • Andja gotcher Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic professional educators out there, from Kindergarten to the most highly lettered academics.
  • Andja gotcher Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic Mainstream News Media in there pitching. 
  • Andja gotcher Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic Hollywood Actors and Celebrities doing their part. 
  • Besides all that, ya still gotcher Obamunist-Clintonista-Marxocratic IRS, EPA, HHS, HUD, VA, State Department, etc., etc., etc. 

That's why nobody is running for the hills. They've still got more on their side than Truth has on His. 

The scope, the pervasiveness of the infection is not widely recognized. 

It isn't just the Court system, and it isn't just the three branches of federal government, and it isn't just all levels of government. It is the people, too. That's really the worst of it. The American people are being steadily demoralized, i.e., made immoral. Purposefully, with intent. 

An immoral people cannot enjoy the liberty guaranteed by the American Constitution without destroying themselves. If vice is not constrained and virtue is not increased, voluntarily and willingly by most people, then Constitutional America cannot work. 

Very simple; nothing to it. Them's the basic facts of the matter. 

The question before us, and the question before President Trump, is this:

Who are we, really? What kind of a people are we?

And what, exactly, are we going to do about this horrible mess? 

(Clue: The Political Parties are the real problem.) 

Seek the Truth; Find the Way; Live the Life.

May you please God, and may you Live Forever.

1 Cultural Marxism: A program instituted by Joseph Stalin to secretly infiltrate and psychologically take over the education, journalism, entertainment and political process, including existing Political Parties, of enemy nations. It is a subversion of the corporate mind, aimed at slowly making the people favor Marxism. "We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find out they have Communism.''—Nikita Khrushchev.

2 Civil Jihad: The Islamic doctrine of External Jihad or Minor Jihad calls the disciple to make holy war on all infidels, killing or enslaving them until Islam is established as the only religion in the world. “Civilization Jihd” is a long-view stratagem of accomplishing the same thing via massive immigration and out-populating infidel nations, until the immigrants are numerous and strong enough to institute actual Jihad.

3 Nunes Memo: A four-page memorandum authored by Representative Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, declassified and released to the public February 2 2018. It highlights the original source of the entire “Russian Collusion” investigation to be the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC, and their Collusion with Russia to create false evidence against, first, Candidate Trump, and then later, President Elct Trump. It was an Opposition Research project gone amuck and turned into an attempt to unseat a validly elected President of the United States.

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