Is Pope Francis Merely Confused, or Purposely Confusing?

We see the Cultural-Marxism Movement Purposely Confusing Science, Classical Education, Politics, Religion and Philosophy. Is Pope Francis In League with it, and Purposely Confusing Catholicism?

by Vic Biorseth

Truth Divides. Falsehood Unifies.

When Truth unites with Falsehood, Confusion always favors Falsehood.

Truth cannot unify with Falsehood without Confusion. Truth and Falsehood are separate and distinct things, which are mutually exclusive polar opposites. Truth and Falsehood cannot even coexist. Truth is Reality; Falsehood is Unreality.

The current drive into Cultural Diversity is destructive of human culture.

There can be no such thing as a multi-culture.

There can be either distinct and identifiable Culture, or Confusion.

Truth provides its (His) own Justice. Marxist Social Justice is a Lie.

Truth is of God and exists Forever. Falsehood is of the temporary World.

Falsehood and Error is the path to nonsense, silliness, insanity and Hell.

Pope Francis, who has clearly identified himself more as a Marxist Social Justice Warrior than as the Vicar of Christ, is Confusing Catholicism, from the top down. And he is being more and more open, public and aboveboard about it. And defensive of it.

In a recent interview, Cardinal Burke discussed exactly how Pope Francis is Increasing Confusion. And he spoke of how the College of Cardinals acts as a de facto check against Papal error. The interview was published in Italian in La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. To the interviewer question-statement that,

"If things are so serious, and a source of embarrassment, it is astonishing that so many of the Church’s pastors remain silent."

Cardinal Burke responded,

"Certainly, the situation is further aggravated by the silence of so many bishops and cardinals who share with the Roman Pontiff a sollicitude for the universal Church. Some simply stay silent. Others pretend that there is nothing serious going on. Still others spread fantasies of a new Church, of a Church that takes a totally different direction from the past, imagining for example a “new paradigm” for the Church, or a radical conversion in the Church’s pastoral praxis, making it completely new. Then there are those who are enthusiastic promoters of the so-called revolution in the Catholic Church. For the faithful who understand the gravity of the situation, the lack of doctrinal and disciplinary direction on the part of their pastors leaves them feeling lost. For the faithful who do not understand the gravity of the situation, this lack of direction leaves them in confusion, and eventually victims of errors that endanger their souls. Many people who were baptized in a Protestant ecclesial communion, but then entered into the full communion of the Catholic Church because their original ecclesial communities abandoned the Apostolic Faith, are suffering intensely at this situation — they perceive that the Catholic Church is going down the same road of abandoning the faith."

He hit the nail right on the head. The responses or non-responses of our Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals should worry us much, much more than Pope Francis' grossly confusing written and spoken, official and unofficial doctrinal statements.

From our lowly position, it appears that the Catholic Clerical response to Francis' confusing statements should be, but is not, universal.

Just what the hell did they all learn in their seminaries?

Are Seminaries, too, dominated by Cultural Marxism, as is Academia?

Cardinal Burke's interview came ahead of the April 7 Conference in Rome, titled Catholic Church: Where Are You Heading? The Conference is sponsored by an Italian organization called Friends of Cardinal Caffarra, and it is subtitled "Only a blind man can deny that there is great confusion in the Church".

Shortly before his death, Cardinal Caffarra confirmed that Sr. Lucia's prophetic words that "The decisive battle between the Lord and Satan will be over marriage and the family" is being fulfilled today.

I know that the wheels of our Lord's Justice are turning, but too slowly for my impatient, troubled soul. I know Who wins in the end, but how many more souls will be lost due to this induced confusion, which I firmly believe is purposeful.

What will the world look like, when He comes again?

Will He find faith on earth?

God created man with free will.

Truth entered this troubled world to redeem who would be redeemed.

All will not be redeemed, of their own free will.

Truth Divides. Falsehood Unifies. It's really just that simple.

"With fear and trembling, work out your salvation" --Phil 2:12

Seek the Truth; Find the Way; Live the Life. Please God, and Live Forever.

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