Speakers Bureau

The Catholic Media Coalition has members all over the country who have expertise in various areas that make them ideal speakers for Catholic conferences and other meetings. If you would like to invite a member of the coalition to speak at your next gathering contact him/her directly. Expenses vary depending on the speaker and the subject. Some of our speakers require only travel expenses. Others ask for a free will offering or honorarium. Whether you want someone to address a pro-life issue, the good news about natural family planning, women's role in the Church, using the media to evangelize, etc. CMC has a speaker for you.


Stephanie Block

Stephanie Block is the editor of Los Pequeños de Cristo’s monthly publication The Pepper and specializes in issues concerning Catholic social justice and Church dissent. She is prepared to address the following topics:

  • The Catholic Campaign for Human Development
  • Dissent in the Church
  • Call to Action
  • Using the Church for Political Ends
  • Pro-Abortion Politics and the Church
  • Alinskyian Organizing
You can reach Stephanie Block at editor@lospequenos.org

Mary Ann Kreitzer

Mary Ann Kreitzer is the President of Les Femmes and editor of the Les Femmes quarterly newsletter, The Truth. She is also President of the Catholic Media Coalition. Mrs. Kreitzer is a certified Natural Family Planning instructor and has broad experience in the pro-life movement. Topics of interest include:

  • The Good News about Natural Family Planning
  • Life Issues
  • The Dignity of Women
  • Keeping Kids Catholic In a Secular World
  • Fulfilling Our Confirmation Commitment in the Church Militant
Mary Ann Kreitzer lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She can be reached at kreitzr1@shentel.net


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